Youth Research Center on the 9th Congress of Young Sociology!

The 9th Congress of Young sociology took place on April, 13-14th 2018 in Kraków.

Dominika Winogrodzka gave a speech on “Young migrants in the vicious circle of precarization? Examples of the professional trajectories of the seasonal migrants from the selected medium-sized cities in Poland”. The preliminary results of the research project “Peer groups and migration” were presented. Dominika Winogrodzka was searching the answers to the following questions:

● What is the relationship between seasonal migration and the phenomenon of job precarization?
● Does seasonal migration help to change or consolidate the precarious work conditions, which young people are trying to cope with when leaving their local communities?

Additionally, Sylwia Barakeh, who cooperates with the Youth Research Center, took part in the Congress and gave a talk on “Autonomous life projects. Why do more and more young people want to make art their profession?”.
Photos and the programme of the event are available here.

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