Dr. Daniela Hekiert, obtained her Ph.D. for a dissertation on Culture Display Rules Of Smiling and Subjective Well-Being: Mutually Reinforcing Or Compensatory Phenomena. Polish – North American Comparisons. She specializes in cross-cultural psychology of facial expressions and emotional vocalizations. More broadly, her academic interests lay in the comparative analysis of migrants and people around the world in terms of their attitudes, ways of living, objectives in their life and subjective well-being.

She has been working with different labs and different research teams in Canada (Center for Cross-cultural Research at University of Guelph, directed by Prof. Saba Safdar), in the U.S. (Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory at San Francisco State University, directed by Professor David Matsumoto) and in Poland (Cross-cultural Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, directed by Professor Paweł Boski).

Currently, Daniela Hekiert is working as a lecturer at SWPS University, teaching different courses in Polish and in English, like for instance:

‘Intercultural adaptation workshop’, ‘Cultural determinants of human behavior’, ‘Social psychology – methods of research’, or ‘Social competences’.

She started to work in Youth Research Centre of SWPS University in October 2018 as a post-doc in the project CEEYouth: The comparative study of young migrants from Poland and Lithuania in the context of Brexit.

Selected publications:

Hekiert, D., Igras-Cybulska, M. Capturing emotions in voice: A comparative analysis of research in psychology and digital signal processing. Annals of psychology(in review)

Hekiert, D., Igras-Cybulska, M. (2018). Expressing intended politeness in Polish and Canadian dialogues. II TechSpo Conference: ‚Power of algorithms”, IEEE (in press)

Hekiert, D., Safdar, S., Boski, P., Krys, K., & Lewis, J. R. (2016). Culture display rules of smiling and personal well-being: mutually reinforcing or compensatory phenomena? Polish-Canadian comparisons. In: Ch. Roland-Levy, P. Denoux, B. Voyer, P. Boski, W. Gabrenya, A.-K. Rhode, J. Lemoine (eds.), Unity, Diversity and Culture, 475-479

Razavi, P., Zhang, J. W., Hekiert, D., Yoo, S. H., & Howell, R. T. (2016). Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences in the Experience of Awe. Emotion, 16(8), 1097 doi: 10.1037/emo0000225

Hekiert, D. (2014). Cross-cultural context of the relationship between parents’ and teachers’ expectations and pupils’ achievements. Studia Psychologiczne 52(4),27-34 (version in Polish and in English)