Dominika Winogrodzka

Holder of a Master of Arts degree in Sociology (Market Research and Public Policy Analysis specialization) from the Jagiellonian University, Dominika is currently pursuing a PhD at the Institute of Sociology of the same University. She teaches Methods of Empirical Social Research and MS Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics in Social Research, as well as works closely with The Foundation for The Development of Social Research (FuRBS) as Research Specialist.

In her activities she combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience gained through participating in numerous research projects and collaborating with various stakeholders, such as research companies, knowledge transfer centres, NGOs and universities. Her research interests concentrate on labour market (the arena of informal work in contemporary societies, competencies of young people on the labour market), education (quality of higher education, co-operation of universities with employers), social research methods and techniques (qualitative and quantitative) and data visualisation.

Dominika Winogrodzka joined SWPS University as PhD Research Fellow for the Peer Groups & Migration (Education-to-domestic and- foreign labour market transitions of youth: The role of locality, peer group and new media) project in 2017.

Activities linked with youth:

Participation in the project “Diagnosis of Cracovian youth” –a diagnosis the socio-economic situation of students in junior high schools and upper secondary schools in Cracow; Foundation for the Development of Social Research. Project commissioned by Cracow City Council. (Research Specialist,  data analysis, co-author of the report

Master’s thesis entitled „High-quality internship – is it possible? The example of internships at the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University (2015), Institute of Sociology, JU.

Bachelor’s thesis entitled „The risk of late modernity and self-help techniques of young precarious people” (2013), Institute of Sociology, JU.

The author of reports for The Section of Analysis of the Quality of Education

  • Monitoring the career paths of the Jagiellonian University graduates.
  • Monitoring the career paths of the Jagiellonian University graduates.

Conference and presentations:

  • International conference „Third ISA Forum of Sociology” in Vienna. Paper entitled „Reflect and Discuss the New Dimension of Informal Work – on the Example of Student Internships” (2016)
  • International conference „Social boundaries of work. The varieties of informal work in contemporary societies” in Zielona Góra (2015)
  • International conference „Lost Generation? Youth and their dilemmas at the beginning of the 21st century” in Przemyśl (2014)
  • Conference „Fifth Congress of Young Sociology in Kraków. Paper on panel „Work, conflict, crises” (2014)
  • Conference „The excess of work, the void of work, the precarisation of work. The social consequences of the transformation of employment in the 21st century” in Wrocław (2013)