grabowskadr hab. Izabela Grabowska, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPS


Professor Izabela Grabowska is the leader of Youth in Centre of University of Social Sciences and Humanities; she is also the senior member of the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw since 2001. She is a member of IMISCOE RN and Board of Directors IMISCOE RN (Integration, Migration and Social Cohesion Research Network). She took part in the international research consortia of 6 FP of the EU: in IDEA Project (coordinated labour market part) and PROMINSTAT (external expert). She was also the expert of The European Commission, DG Employment, Labour Market Unit in The Mobility Laboratory (2009-2014) and The WEESP (Web-tool for Evaluated Employment Services Practices, 2012-2013) and The European Vacancy Monitor (2012-2013). Currently she is the national expert of ESCO classification and ESF Screening. Professor Grabowska is also an expert-lecturer at Ernst&Young Business School in Bologna in the training programme for Public Employment Services, EURES. She also collaborates occasionally with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM, LINET Network). She cooperates with local and regional labour offices on regular bases, especially in the field of active labour market policies, evaluation and labour market practices. She publishes extensively on labour market, mobility, school-to-work transitions and occupational careers. Her professorship monograph was devoted to occupational careers of mobile workers.

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Research Project:

2016-2020 Education-to-domestic and- foreign labour market transitions of youth: The role of local community, peer group and new media (project leader)

2012-2015, in collaboration with the University of Roehampton, Cultural diffusion through migrants’ social remittances between Poland and the UK, The National Science Centre (project leader)

2010-2012 Social mobility and occupational careers of post-accession migrants from Poland, Ministry of Science and Higher Education (project leader)

2009 IOM project Migration and the Economic Crisis: Implication for Policy of the European Union, (national expert)

2008-2009 Post-accession returns of Poles, University of Warsaw and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (project leader)

2007-2009 Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries as new immigration destinations in the European Union (IDEA), EU 6FP; coordinator of Labour Market Group.

2005-2008 Demand for foreign labour in Poland, Centre of Migration Research, Warsaw University and Ministry of Labour co-financed by the European Social Fund (project leader)

2005-2007 Migrations from Poland after May 1st 2004, Centre of Migration Research, Warsaw University and Ministry of Science and Higher Education, co-coordinator of the project

2001-2002 Poland Through Irish Eyes: The Challenges and Opportunities of EU Enlargement, Dublin European Institute, Polish Embassy in Dublin; coordinator of the project.


Selected top 5 publications available in English:

Grabowska I. First job abroad: Looking back after return, Europe-Asia Studies.

Grabowska I. Movers and Stayers: Social Mobility, Migration and Skills, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Grabowska I., Garapich M., Jazwinska E., Radziwinowicz A. (2016). Migrants as Agents of Change. Social Remittances in and Enlarged European Union, Basingstoke, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Contributor to the reports Mobility in Europe (2010, 2011, 2012), Social Europe, DG Employment, Social Affairs

and Equal Opportunities.

Fihel A., Grabowska-Lusinska I. (2014). Labour Market Behaviours of Back-and-Forth Migrants From Poland. International Migration, Vol. 52, Issue 1. s.22-35.

Engbersen G., Leerkes A., Grabowska-Lusińska I., Snel E., Burgers Jack. (2013), On the Differential Attachments of Migrants from Central and Eastern Europe: A Typology of Labour Migration, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2013 Vol. 39, No. 6, 1_23.

Membership of organizations:

IMISCOE Research Network

Polish Sociological Association

Member of the Migration and Diaspora Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Expert activity:

National expert for the European Commission in:

European Mobility Laboratory, ESCO, Web-tool of Evaluated Employment Services Practices (WEESP), European Vacancy Monitor

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