dr Paweł Pyrka (PI)

dr Paula Pustułka

Monika Rawska
Graduated in Cultural Studies with a major in Film Studies. PhD candidate at the The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at SWPS University in Warsaw. She has published several articles in monographs and journals (Panoptikum; Dialog; mała kultura współczesna; The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series), edited books (Exhibition Strategies of Selected Museums. Case Studies), journal issues (Kultura popularna) and anthologies (Papierowi bandyci. Wypisy z polskojęzycznych powieści obiegu brukowego do 1939 roku [Paper bandits. Excerpts from Polish-language pulp fiction novels until 1939]; Filmowa Europa [Film Europe]). Her main fields of interest are popular culture, new genre cinema and representations of urban space in film.

Rafał Węgrzyn
Psychologist. PhD candidate at the Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław at SWPS University. He is a member of the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS), and a member of the Scientific Board of the Polish Association of Students and Graduates of Psychology. He has published several articles in monographs and journals. His main fields of interest are social psychology, psychology of the Internet, utopian studies and popular culture. He also teaches psychology of new technologies, psychology of emotions and motivation, universality of the theory of social psychology. He combines academic activity with the work of an independent trainer and UX Designer.