Thematic areas


Peer groups
Youth, Migration & Development
Digital youth/ Digital parents
Political behaviours of youth
Theories and methods
• Entering labour market (in Poland and abroad); transitions; markers of entering adulthood 
• Knowledge transfer, as well as transfer of skills and competencies
• The role of peer-groups in the process of transitioning from education into the labour market
• Monitoring alumni
• Marginalization and exclusion from a peer-group
• Harassment and bullying at school, as well as cyberbullying
• The role of a witness in preventing school violence
• Preventing peer-violence
• Psychological and group empowerment
• Fostering supportive peer groups and school communities
• Youth and migration
• Global precarity, inequalities and youth 
• Youth and development
• Youth and remittances
• International youth agendas
• Self-exclusion for the real world
• Sub-worlds of nano-culture in the era of global communications
• Socialization to using new media
• Computer skills of youth and their transfer
• Digital Parenting
• Needs of variability and multi-track simulation
• Young generation fissures (20 and 30-year-olds)
• Youth and precarity (more jobs as the main political slogan)
• Values
• Voting attitudes
• Qualitative Longitudinal Research
• Research action
• Walking interviews
• Scoping studies
• Dyadic interviews
• Informal conversations
• CAWI surveys
• Smartphone ethnography
Supervisor: dr hab. Izabela Grabowska, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPSSupervisor: dr Małgorzata WójcikSupervisor: dr Paula PustułkaSupervisor: dr hab. Mirosław Filiciak, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPSSupervisor: dr hab. Mikołaj Cześnik, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPSSupervisor: dr Justyna Sarnowska



Supervisor: dr hab. Izabela Grabowska, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPS


Peer groups

Supervisor: dr Małgorzata Wójcik, Uniwersytet SWPS

Youth, migration and development

Supervisor: dr Paula Pustułka

Digital youth / Digital parents

Supervisor: dr hab. Mirosław Filiciak, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPS 

Political behaviours of youth

Supervisor: dr hab. Mikołaj Cześnik, prof. Uniwersytetu SWPS

Theories and methods

Supervisor: dr Justyna Sarnowska