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About us

Youth Research Centre is a research lab within the SWPS University. Its main aim is to conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of youth studies. The Centre not only brings together scholars at various career stages, but also actively cooperates with the socio-economic surroundings in the realm of engaging young people.


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Youth Research Centre is one of the scientific research centers at the SWPS University. We are mostly situating our research activities in social sciences. We closely cooperate with the Faculty of Social Sciences in regard to teaching, and the Institute of Social Sciences of the SWPS University in terms of research.

Members of the Youth Research Centre offer classes at the SWPS University, including BA studies in Public Life, as well as in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Management at School of Form and for students enrolled in Culture Studies programs.

Youth Research Centre

What do we do?

The main activity area of the Youth Research Center is to conduct research focused on presenting the experiences and life paths of young people. The main emphasis in the projects we are implementing is placed on youth and young adults at various ages and finding themselves in different life situations. We follow the dynamics in the biographies of women and men in a changing world.We are interested in young people’s experiences in key areas of the so-called transitions to adulthood, including education, labor market, family life and intimacy, and parenthood. We also look at emotions, intrinsic dilemmas and subjective understanding of "becoming an adult" as a process experienced by young people today. The Center investigates not only social mobility in the intergenerational transmission of values, aspirations and norms, but also explores spatial mobility and the impact of international migration on transitions to adulthood. We study the experiences of young people in temporal and comparative terms/By juxtaposing the experiences of women and men, migrants and non-migrants, as well as in relation to other stages of life (e.g. childhood) and intergenerational differences, we offer insights into changing young lives.

Conducting empirical research is the main, but not the only area of the Center's activity. We use the results of research and analysis for disseminating knowledge, especially through youth engagement programs and informing policy centered on young people(evidence-based youth policy). The goal of the Youth Research Center is not only to give voice to young people as participants in social research, but also to introduce the research findings to the world of young people in order to help them to understand the surrounding world. An additional goal of the Center is to establish and maintain cooperation with institutions, media, non-governmental organizations and think tanks.

Youth Research Centre

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